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A Pro

You call yourself a pro. You want to be a pro. You dream about pro income. You define your success as a pro. But really, are you a pro at what you do? At what you say? At what you think? At what you believe? At what you define as success?

Don’t answer me. Answer yourself. Simply cause you’re accountable to yourself. Whether you tell yourself one thing & do another…that’s on you. But truly, to be a pro at sales, you need to be a pro in mind.

My Definition of a Sales Pro:
A sales pro (aka professional) is someone who is fully committed to a calling; someone who takes the time to consistently & constantly learn, train, research & refine themselves while becoming an expert in their field of success. A pro does the complete opposite of an amateur who isn’t ready to invest in themselves. A pro is someone who consistently strives, breathes & loves their dream – with absolutely no time to gossip, chat, smoke, leave work early, call in sick or for that matter miss a day of productivity. A pro listens to audio books, reads, networks & most of all, lives as a pro (mind over matter). A sales pro will not even dare dream of sub-par income; rather their desire is to earn more than they can actually dream. That means they dream far beyond money. They dream about lifestyle, family, referrals, branding, networking, balance…freedom.

When you take all the above (& there is more…trust me), you get to a state of security. Although sales is variable & inconsistent sometimes, security is instant. Why? Because in sales, you live, breathe, dream & talk about sales. I don’t mean walking up to a person at Sobey’s and sell them a car. But you’re constantly selling yourself, your brand, your product or service, your value proposition, your character & personality…what other industry can provide you with that security? BUT you must have the confidence, belief, gusto & passion to think this all the time!

As a pro, your life & career is more than just a deal closed. It’s about learned & improved attributes, skills and traits. It’s about consistently refining, training, practicing and molding yourself to be what you can be. Being someone completely different from the rest.

So here are 5 things I can share with you that will help you become a sales PROfessional. This isn’t the gospel truth or the end all be all. There is much more to it than my 5 tips. You’ll have to take it & make your own recipe:

1. Interest, Interested & Interesting.
Sales isn’t a job. It isn’t a platform to spring into another job or industry. Sales is about having interest in this field; being interested in the potential of creating life lasting relationships through your product or service and lastly, being interesting enough to know that your brand, value proposition & character is unparalleled & unmatched. There is only you.

2. Aptitude vs. Attitude.
A sales pro will know that success not only comes with attitude but the aptitude. Coming to work with passion, commitment and dedication doesn’t mean nothing if you don’t know your “shit”. That’s why positive thoughts produce positive results as much as knowledgeable info results in knowledgeable decisions. The natural ability to being positive or turning a negative into a positive will yield much more favorable results. Attitude is key to success.

3. Energy, Excitement & Enthusiasm.
The 3 E’s as I’d like to call it, is essential to the success of a pro. Energy to stay focused and develop business through prospecting and calls. An excited pro is focused & streamlined to learning, training & researching to better improve themselves. An enthusiastic pro cheeks everything at the door and makes it happen. As much as there are 3 types of people in this world, there are 3 E’s that are attached to each level of a person. A pro has the 3 E’s embedded in them.

4. Strategy, Action & Methodology.
Whenever you’re selling a product or service, there is always a strategy, action and method to it. A process if you will. While most associates have the certain ability to sell, a pro develops themselves to sell like a pro. A pro at process. A pro at follow-up. a pro at business development. A pro at prospecting. A pro at referrals. A pro at product knowledge. Get my point? It’s all a matter of strategizing, developing an action plan & a methodology to become a pro.

5. Success.
The survival of the fittest! This is where everything comes together. A successful sales pro separate themselves from the pack. How? They become the ones who say “We Make It Happen” instead of watching what happened or wondered what happened. With the “Make It Happen” attitude, sales pro simply do whatever it takes to survive. Of course, they surely don’t resort to dishonesty, deceit, lies or improper behaviour. They keep their values, ethics, integrity, honesty and reputation in check. Sales Pro’s take the time to sit down, set measurable goals, action plans & strategies to achieve them & surround themselves with individuals who can help them achieve it. In the same time, they continue to foster their relationships & networks by offering unparalleled, unique & personal branded service & experience. They take control of their career & define success everyday. It becomes like a moving target. For a sales pro, success isn’t luck. It’s a point where opportunity & hard work meet. It stems from dedication, commitment, passion, unwavering faith, self-motivation & surrounding themselves from the average pack.

So now, wrap all this up & you figure out if you want to be a sales pro. Determine if you’re ready to invest in yourself and your career. Take the time & commit at least 10 percent of your work time to training, industry research, education & product knowledge. Be aware and honest with yourself by outlining your weaknesses and deficiencies while finding areas of opportunity of enhanced skills to make yourself better. Surround yourself with the best and practice new and current behaviors that meet clients needs. Lastly, set achievable and measurable goals & don’t forget to celebrate the small wins. To be a sales pro, you must start in investment in yourself with no conditions. Unequivocally follow through with your processes, responsibilities & tasks & be consistent in your behaviours.

What does that mean to clients? Well, clients these days DEMAND professional Sales Associates who know, understand & can speak about the process & industry while meeting client needs & providing a customer experience & service that can’t be found anywhere.

Be sociable & share. #apautotips

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Asif Premji

Asif Premji

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