Everything Happens for a Reason. Always

Everything Happens for a Reason. Always

I have said many times and will continue to say – everything happens for a reason. Certain events transpire in life to make you realize something – to teach you a lesson. Whether those events are good or bad; your doing or someone else’s; happy or sad – it doesn’t matter. There is a lesson to be learned..

The issues, obstacles or problems that present themselves to you are a struggle on the first instance – and there isn’t always an easy answer to the challenge you are facing. No matter what lesson you learn, what change you take, who you talk to or how hard you try to make it right – sometimes you have to wait for time to bring peace; you have to wait for comfort and tranquility.

And, like myself, I have learned that you need to work really hard and search diligently for answers. And let me tell you, it is so damn hard and extremely emotional ‘not to know’. They say when it rains; it pours. That thunderstorm of challenges; that tornado of problems; tsunami of things working against you, even when you feel you are undeserving of it; makes you feel like you are being broken into a million different pieces. Hard to regroup from that huh? True….but:

You’re Just Starting To Know.

That heavy feeling, soul-searching, often time loneliness we feel is, perhaps, what everyone feels.  It’s what drives us to figure out the answers that we so desperately want. What happened? Why? When?

So after a week of events, challenges, obstacles, aha moments & emotions – you must be thinking: what do you do when you just don’t know?

Be clear on what’s happened and about the answer you are looking for.  In the confusion of feeling guilty, bad or wrong; you aren’t thinking straight. The weight of taking on others people’s issues on your shoulders takes a toll on you. Enough is enough. Take time to think about what you want to know and what you want from here on end.

Don’t change for anyone. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t slow down, stop, or pause.  Keep your mind occupied with things that make you smile and make you happy. Write, read, sing, walk, workout, sleep, cook, garden, exercise – it doesn’t matter. Just get other things done while you figure out the answers to your questions.  Move around.  It keeps your brain stimulate.

Turn the blinders on and reduced distractions.  Stop tweeting. Stop posting. Stop watching TV. Stop over thinking – sounds easy, but I’m telling you – it ridiculously rots your brain — and at the worst possible time.  BUT – do things that stimulate new thoughts and ideas, So if you get new and different from reading articles, links on twitter, going to meetup’s etc…whatever it is – make sure that it stimulates your brain and that you walk away with smile or positive aha moments.

Get healthy. Break out in a sweat. From all I have heard, read & been told, the brain validates that any form of physical activity reduces the power of fear, negativity and pessimism in our minds. It’ll stop you from worrying about the crap that exists and will eventually help you find ways to achieve happiness and success.

Dig deep and search. Go hard. Go deep. Go strong. Be vulnerable. When you’re truly lost and can’t figure it out – soul search, pray, meditate – whatever. Make it a priority to learn what you haven’t taken the time to know.

Lean on your support group. Never, ever be afraid to ask for help. That, you can only do, by asking for help from people you truly trust; from people who won’t judge you but will rather make you think and help you grow. How you do it; when you do it; how you do it – remember: just be clear about the answers you seeking for. Simple. You have no other time for unnecessary drama.

You’re not perfect. Be true, genuine and hones about your weaknesses; your faults; your wrong doings & hold yourself fully accountable. If you have made mistakes & you’re aware of it – own up to them. Making mistakes are okay – learning from them are better – not making them again is best.

Prioritize. My biggest takeaway from this week! If you truly want to avoid the feeling of being lost, alone, sad…whatever it is, change what you’re currently doing. Prioritize the things that are important to YOU – not to anyone else. And focus on it.

So, after all that. No matter what you do, how positive you get, how much effort you take to make things right, how many times you say sorry – despite all those efforts & good intentions – you sometimes just can’t fix the problem. And with that:

Sometimes You Just Don’t Know The Answer.

That’s simply okay. Because like me, you’re probably still confused, curious, frustrated, angry & feeling hopeless.  Remember though, the problems that are in front of you may seem so big, so scary, so tough to beat that the easiest thing to do would be to walk away, turn around and not deal with it. But, it’s not as easy as it is to write or read. You could be walking away from the brink of success.

But you can’t do that.  Not right now.

All I can say is learn from everything that comes your way. Everything happens for a reason. But never turn around and walk away.

The greatest leaders didn’t walk away. Why should you. Today is the day you start soul-searching and finding the answers you need. Whether they hurt or not. It’s imperative to find them. So, sit back. Breathe and start the process.


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Asif Premji

Asif Premji

I believe in happy ever afters, whether they’re in books or life. I believe that the world is an occasional scary place, one where we need to carve out caves of safety. I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe it’s a sin to be bored in a world filled with information, beauty, and fascinating things around us. I believe in making a positive difference – everyday – in the lives of everyone I meet. No judgements. No ego. No expectations. Making a difference in just ONE life means that ONE life made better. God Bless.

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