Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Before I begin my post, I want to clarify that I have referred to “us” in my opinions. I refer to us, simply because I see many people in various industries who have been impacted by my thoughts below. I didn’t want to segregate “you”, because I’ve been victim to it as well. Hence, why I have grouped “us ” in this post. I hope it speaks to you as it spoke to me when I wrote it. I don’t want to imply that my thoughts are right & true. Rather, it’s simply my opinion. Cheers. Enjoy.

In the midst of the auto industry, or any industry, we sometimes get caught up on the “success” roller coaster. You know what I’m referring to?

I’m referring to the popular ride that we all, at some point, may experience; the ride that gets us on a consistent high & adrenaline rush because things have been working in our favor. We’re selling like crazy. Revenues are up. CSI scores are through the roof. Referral networks are on their A game. Income is awesome. Awards are coming in. We become a center of attraction. Lights shine brighter. The honorable mentions rise…..success happens.

Then at some point, that ride could take a turn. It could get rough. It could get jerky. It could get laggy. It could get uncomfortable. It could get inconsistent. It could get nauseating. It could get ugly. It could get noisy. It could get rusty. Catch my drift?

WHY? Because we simply didn’t stop & adjust the bolts, machined the rails; cleaned off the dust; wiped down the dirty seats; replaced old parts; had it re-inspected; disassembled broken pieces; replaced the oil… We simply didn’t pay attention to the very ride that gave us the high, because we simply thought the ride would continue forever.

The point I’m making is this: no matter how high or low we are in our career; no matter how successful, we must be humble. Be grounded. Be honest. Be genuine. Be courteous. Be smart enough to know that everyday, we must refine ourselves & career plan.

The terms “please”, “thank you”, & “you’re welcome” should never go out of style just because we’re damn good at what we do. I don’t care how good we are. I really don’t care how much money we have or how many degrees we have. Courtesy, humility & a grounded nature should always be at the top of our list.

So as we proceed to be the best we can be, to achieve the accomplishments we desire & ride the wave of success, we must remember this: as bad enough as we want something, we CANNOT allow ego, pride, arrogance, selfishness or money detail us.

We must keep straight on our path by being strong, focused, humble, sincere, aware, sincere, blessed, knowledgeable, passionate, determined & tenacious enough to simply want it more than anything else than can deter us.

Professionally or personally, we should do what we want; we should do what we dream; we should do what’s right by our character. When we’re balanced & aligned, we’re onto something.
BUT, that can only be done when we’re true to our character; grounded, aware, sincere, humble & blessed to be successful in what we do.

Be thankful for where we are. Be blessed for what we have. Be ambitious to achieve our goals. Be virtuous in our accomplishments. Be sincere to our peers. Be humble by our mentions. Be grounded with our income. Be focused in our responsibilities. Be tenacious in our career path. Be aware of right and wrong. Be true to who we are.

Nothing should change that.

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Asif Premji

Asif Premji

I believe in happy ever afters, whether they’re in books or life. I believe that the world is an occasional scary place, one where we need to carve out caves of safety. I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe it’s a sin to be bored in a world filled with information, beauty, and fascinating things around us. I believe in making a positive difference – everyday – in the lives of everyone I meet. No judgements. No ego. No expectations. Making a difference in just ONE life means that ONE life made better. God Bless.

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