Story Telling

Story Telling

Sit back.
It’s story time.
Once upon a time…

Well, it’s not really story time. But it is time to tell your story. Your story can consist of you, your brand, your service, your product or even your value proposition. If that’s not enough, take a look at an article published bySuitcase Entrepreneur: “Inspiration, Influence & Persuasion through the art of Storytelling”

In my opinion, if there is sure way of creating a compelling reason for anything that you’re representing, telling an engaging, attractive & interactive story. Why? Because everyone relates to a story. In some shade, way or form, the brain connect to parts of a compelling story. It stimulates the mind, refreshes experiences and creates a certain rapport where a bonded story timeline becomes a common denominator between a client & you.

Look around you. Everything you see has a story. Everything you hear has a story. Everything you feel has a story. Whatever it maybe, you begin to create your own story. Whether that be a car, service, facility, introduction to another person or even a hello – there’s a story to be told.

If you need 3 other reasons on why to master the art of stories, then read Riley Gibson’s article from

In the end, stories should engage & connect; they should create a dialogue; they should cultivate into another story. These little stories are sentences, pages and chapters in your life story. Make sure each one is memorable.

What’s your story?

Be sociable, comment & share.

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Asif Premji

Asif Premji

I believe in happy ever afters, whether they’re in books or life. I believe that the world is an occasional scary place, one where we need to carve out caves of safety. I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe it’s a sin to be bored in a world filled with information, beauty, and fascinating things around us. I believe in making a positive difference – everyday – in the lives of everyone I meet. No judgements. No ego. No expectations. Making a difference in just ONE life means that ONE life made better. God Bless.

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I first met Asif on Twitter. I had just walked away from one of the worst car shopping experiences I'd ever had (a Kia dealership) and *tweeted* it. Very soon after I received a tweet back from this "Asif Premji" guy. "Sorry to hear your car buying experience wasn't more positive - what are you looking for?" 

This was the first of many messages which has lead to not only the purchase (six months later) of a new Honda Civic Si for my wife but a professional and loyal relationship with Asif and his team. 

There is outstanding customer experience and then there is the unexpected and appreciated *Asif* level of customer experience. 

I would not hesitate to do or refer business with Asif and his team. By far one of the most enjoyable and confident car buying experiences in my lifetime. 

At Okotoks Honda I witnessed, "I actually give a $&@# about my customer", not just in words but in every day actions, long before I purchased a care and ever since. This is what I would call, Integrity in ACTION. It's not about the one off sale for them, Asif and his team truly understand the lifetime value of a single customer. 

If you're going to buy a Honda, it's well worth the trip to Okotoks and buy from anyone on Asif's team

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